Rug Positioning and Placement in Rooms

When it comes to buying rugs, many people instantly assume that color or pattern is the most important thing to consider. In reality, when trying to arrange and put the rug precisely within the space and under the furniture, both its size and shape are equally crucial.

So, before you begin your search for the perfect rug for your home, try to visualize where you want your area rug to go in your space.

The Best Way To Arrange Rugs In You Lounge Room:


The shape of the room, along with your decor, determines the size, shape, and placement of your rug inside the space’s arrangement. If you choose to place the sofa on the rug, make sure it stretches out at least 6 inches per each side.


Place the rug in such a way that all of the couch’s legs are on it.

To place all of the sofa’s legs on the rug, you’ll need a particularly large rug. This is the greatest option for floating furniture (i.e., furniture that isn’t against a wall) or grounding a lounge room in an open plan space. All of the furniture should be placed directly on the rug to help integrate the various decorative pieces and define the seating area.


Arrange the rug so the sofa’s front legs are on it.

This solution is adaptable, although it usually works when one of group’s edges is against a wall. Because consistency is important for a coherent design, the rug should be large enough to allow all of the pieces’ front legs to rest on while keeping all of the rear legs off the rug.


Only place the rug on the coffee table.


Setting a coffee table on a modest size rug is perfect for narrow or small rooms because it plays off the proportions of the room as well as tricks the body into thinking the area is larger than it is. Consider the interior proportions of your seating space to acquire the right proportion. This will guarantee that the acceptable number of empty space is used.


Rugs in the Dining Room: How to Arrange Them


The shape and size of the dining table, as well as the design of the room, go into choosing the right area rug for just a dining room. Based on the size of the space and the shape of the table, choose between a rectangular and a round rug should be simple.


Place the rug in such a way that all of the dining room table and table legs are on it.

When it comes to dining room rug placement, it’s simple: put all of the table’s legs on the rug. The greater general rule is that the rug should stretch at least 24 inches beyond the table legs. This should guarantee that perhaps the dining room chairs, even when pushed back when people get up from the table, stay on the rug.


*Don’t forget to include in any extended leaves if they’re available. Most people would choose a rugs that will look beautiful in the dining room because it is used much of the time if they rarely open the tables entirely.