What is a Victorian House, Exactly?

Victorian houses are dwellings built in a style that you’ve probably seen before. There are numerous sub-styles within this elaborate architectural genre. Ours are equally beautiful. Let’s take a look at this important architectural style, where it came from, and what makes it unique.

The Victorian House’s History

Victorian houses were first popular in the United Kingdom. They were first made during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837–1901), that is where the name derives from. Although this style has become so iconic in its own right, it actually derives from a variety of architectural forms that came before it. The architecture was heavily influenced by Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The British Empire spread far and wide at the height of the style’s popularity. This is why the design is so popular in areas such as the United States, Australia, and other British-colonized countries at the time.


The Victorian house style was also heavily influenced by the Industrial Revolution. There had been significant advancements in both logistics and manufacturing at the period, allowing for the speedy and innovative construction of high-quality residences. This era gave architects more leeway to design extravagant, beautiful residences rather than the modest utilitarian structures that had previously been the norm. As a result, Victorian homes are elaborately furnished and frequently painted in vibrant hues.


Victorian House Designs

The “Victorian house” architectural style is essentially a broad umbrella term for a number of distinct architectural styles. They all have a similar appearance, but different elements based on the categorization. The more you learn about the various sorts of Victorian homes, the easier it will be to identify each one for what it is.


The Queen Anne house is undoubtedly the most closely identified with Victorian architecture. The floor design and façade are often asymmetrical, unlike many house styles of the time. These houses are exceedingly ornate, with no detail overlooked. Porches, bay windows, towers, turrets, and trim will all be present. The Queen Anne houses are usually painted in brilliant hues.


Victorian Interior Design

Victorian homes are just as ornately ornamented on the inside as they are on the front. The interior design is more opulent and asymmetric than other home styles. There are a lot of stairways and halls, and there aren’t as many open plan spaces. Crown and base molding, as well as ornamental trim, are commonly seen throughout the home. These homes also feature plenty of room for entertaining, as socializing and hosting guests was quite popular at the time they were created.


The interiors of Victorian-style homes are frequently as lavish as the exteriors. Ornate chairs with carved woodwork and leather, and plenty of heavy linens, were once commonplace in the dwellings. Velvets, silks, and other opulent fabrics were widely used. Large rugs would cover the flooring, and tapestries would hang from the walls.



These residences’ interior designs are typically more modern-leaning these days. They can be decorated in a variety of styles, from farmhouse to coastal. The beauty of these residences is that they are instantly recognizable from the outside but can be customized inside in any way the owner desires.