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All Persian Rugs Are Oriental But…

…not all Oriental rugs are Persian.

When hearing “Oriental rug” and “Persian rug”, some will assume that these are the same thing.

For the average person, there may seem to be little difference between the two. The fact is that the place of origin is a huge indicator of the design, history, and workmanship found in these items.

As with any purchase, it is wise to understand the differences when shopping. Learn a bit here so you can communicate accurately, make the right decision, and, get exactly the rug you require.

Name Is Everything
When we distinguish a rug as “Persian”, whether it is antique, vintage, or, newly created, we mean rugs woven only within the provinces of the Persian Empire, generally now modern-day Iran. Made in any other Middle East region, a traditional hand-woven carpet of this type is considered and named Oriental.

Oriental rugs are ones that are created in regions of the Middle East other than Iran. If made any place outside of the Middle East, like Western Europe or even the United States, these are area rugs not Orientals or Persians. Authentic Oriental rugs will be hand-knotted (not hand-tufted which is a faster and less skilled technique) giving them them a very distinctive look.

Part Of History
Through much of history the finest woven floor coverings were made in and for the Persian Empire and its predecessors. Synonymous with wealth, taste and worldliness, Persian rugs were often gifts from one country’s ruler to another.

Hand-knotted, these carpets are created using a single looping knot that is specific to artisans of this region. They are generally made from kurk – high grade sheep’s wool – although camel or goat wool may be used in designs made by nomadic weavers.

Very rarely, Persians are made from silk; however silk is expensive and not so durable as wool. Newer rugs may be made of silk blends, mercerized cotton, and synthetic fibers.

Location, Location, Location
Persian rugs have distinct layouts that have existed for generations, and, distinctive designs that are synonymous with their location of origin. Four general layouts can be found: an all-over layout, a centered medallion, a compartment layout, and a one-sided layout. Beyond basic layouts, each rug-weaving area evolved a distinctive design style; their creations often became synonymous with their provinces: Kashan, Nain, Qum, Isfahan and similar.

Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are fantastic touches, classic pieces that add design flair and personality. They offer a timeless look within your home.